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Unbuild the Wall

“Unbuild the Wall” is an Archstorming Design Completion that sought to reimagine the interface between coexisting Mexican and American communities along the border.  This design focused on the twin cities of Nogales, and instead of severing the two cities with steel and concrete, created a self-sufficient intermediary zone which built on existing shared economy and culture.

The project integrated sustainable, self-sufficient temporary shelters that provided a respite for those seeking asylum in the United States from Central American countries as well as dignity for deportees from America who found themselves in an unfamiliar land with little to no resources.  In addition to architectural infrastructure, the project envisioned a vibrant community infrastructure which supports day tourists, commuters, and those in need of social services from both sides of the border.


Project Team from Boston Architectural College:

Rand Lemley

Britt Dixon

Stefan Leonte

Megan Kinneen


Concept/ Competition


Nogales, Mexico


Summer, 2017



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