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Chelsea Theatre Works

Chelsea Theatre Works lives in the historic Odd Fellow’s Building in Chelsea, MA.  Apollinaire Theatre Company uses a performance space on the upper floor of the building, and in 2017, a new blackbox theater and lobby was added at the storefront level.


MFK Design worked with long-time theater collaborators to generate proposals and design for exterior signage, and public-facing art installation in which a river of light looped around the signage ending in a sculpture or projection display along the sidewalk. 


Within the lobby space, a live-edge bar was fabricated by Longleaf Lumber using logs salvaged from the remains of an excavated navy yard in Charlestown.  To connect conceptually to the exterior river of a light, the bar was inset with a strip of 3Form frosted, tinted glass and backlit.  Multiple textures, materials, and light fixtures create a collaged and bohemian atmosphere.  MFK Design also contributed a mural to space creating and abstract, textural expression.


Signage, Public Art Proposal, Interior Design


Chelsea, MA





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