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Mixed Use Tectonics

This project incorporates multiple programmatic uses within Brigham Circle in Boston including community space for all-season farmer’s market, cider brewery, museum and residential.  The site forces the design to navigate both an unusual plot plan with dramatic grading.  The surrounding neighborhood is comprised of both Boston Vernacular triple story homes from the early 1900’s juxtaposed against modern medical facilities opposite of Huntington Avenue.  A nearby park is dotted with local “Roxbury Puddingstone” which is a composite rock that formed as smaller stones were pressurized together under the weight of glaciers many hundreds of thousands of years ago.  These rock formations became the starting point of my architectural timeline which understood the wedge shape of the site as one of the many “wedges of time” represented within the “circle” of Brigham Circle and it’s history. 

The building’s rectilinear massing buries the industrial process of the brewery below grade and uses an extended arm of the building as space for the community-led farmers market.  Within the interior spaces, A lighter filigree of wooden framing, representative of the residential history of the site is formed around stereotomic concrete massing representative of the massing of the new medical facilities and contemporary architectural forms.  The two structural systems are blanketed by accessible green roofs and living walls on the exterior of the building.




Brigham Circle, Boston, MA


Fall, 2017



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